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Fanuc Battery for Servo Drive (absolute), Control & Power Supply Units.

Welcome to the Fanuc Battery Section. Locate the batteries for your Fanuc alpha servo drive for the coder pulse unit, or a battery for a power supply unit, memory card or a beta drive by its Fanuc part number which is in the manual of the CNC machine tool in question, then match up the number with the list below. If you do not see the number below, contact us - as we stock the Fanuc batteries.

  • A98L-0031-0002
  • A98L-0031-0003
  • A98L-0031-0004
  • A98L-0031-0005
  • A98L-0031-0006
  • A98L-0031-0007
  • A98L-0031-0011
  • A98L-0031-0011#L
  • A98L-0031-0012
  • A98L-0031-0015
  • A98L-0031-0017
  • A98L-0031-0018
  • A98L-0031-0019
  • A98L-0031-0022
  • A98L-0031-0023
  • A98L-0031-0025

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Fanuc Services
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